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With over half a century of experience in the manufacturing of elastic meat netting, butchers twine and elastic twine SCOTNET SOLUTIONS are in a unique position to understand your production requirements.

The SCOTNET SOLUTIONS range of elastic netting and twine has been developed by working with our customers to achieve the results best suited for their product.

By combining practical experience with state of the art manufacturing process we are able to design and deliver elastic netting and twine efficiently and accurately.

Scotnet Quality System is unique in the fact that we hold accreditation for both the EFSIS and Normpack certificates. From the small butcher, to the large processor SCOTNET SOLUTIONS has something for everyone.

Our purchasing team are always working to ensure we have the highest quality and most efficiently costed raw materials available. Follow the sourcing process in the diagram below.
Our bespoke automation machines are designed to improve efficiencies across your whole production cycle. We make and maintain machines specifically for your exacting needs. Download our full presentation below and find out how Scotnet can save you time and money and increase your profitability.
With many years experience in the design, development and production of Thermoformed Bone Protection. Our products include:
Impregnated Wax
Tuff Stuff
Die Cut Sheets
And Much More...
Our revolutionary new X product is a liquid that is applied to net to dramatically reduce adhesion between the netting and the meat. We are continually developing innovative new netting products to enhance and improve meat performace, flavour, processing and visual appearance. If you would like to know more about any of our products please contact us today.

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