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We have been blending spices for food producers since 1922, making us amongst the most experienced manufacturers in the country. We are specialists in seasonings for sausages, burgers, glazes and bakery.

Delivering a consistant, high quality product is at the core of our production systems. Every order is split into batches, and is fully traceable, from raw material purchasing right through to delivery. We exceed all the requirements of the current BRC and organic standards.

Product Development
Our development chefs working in our state of the art development kitchen create exciting new flavour profiles for your products. These profiles are inspired by our research and development team at FREDA.

Download our Forecast Magazine and keep up to date with all the latest developments here.

Global Sourcing
Our purchasing team are always working to ensure we have the highest quality and most efficiently costed raw materials available.
State of the Art Blending Facility
On Line Experts
We aim to be the easiest to deal with and most efficient supplier in the market. For example, we publish all of the technical information you require for all your products. Packaging waste information is also automatically available.

Fast Development
We have over 300 standard products in a large variety of flavour profiles, available for instant despatch. These let you develop product concepts quickly, and enables us to customise these to your specific requirements.

Locked Recipe Service
When we develop a product with you, we can guarantee that its recipe remains secret, and will not be used for any other project.
Automatic Stock Holding
We can automatically manage the stock holding of your products, ensuring they are always available for despatch, keeping your on site inventory to a minimum.

Smooth Development
From the first sample and kitchen sized batch, through first production batch and factory sized trial, right up to full production we use the same process from weighing to blending to packing. This ensures the smoothest possible development of new products.

Small Batch Sizes
Our mixers blend batches of 300kg. This enables us to supply small volumes of customised products. Of course, equally we can blend multiple batches for the larger user in our 1.2mt blenders.
Multiple Packing Options
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Scobie and Junor
East Kilbride: 01355 237041 | Belfast: 02890 841 025 | Naas: 1800 30 1919

Foodmaker | 01536 400560