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Collagen Sausage Casings

Considered the “grandfather” of the collagen casing industry, the company that is now known as Nitta Casings was the first in the world to develop and market an edible collagen casing.

With humble beginnings as a research and development arm of Johnson & Johnson, the company soon became known as Devro and earned its reputation as a pioneer in the industry with a series of firsts:

· Developing the ammonia and then the salt processes still in use today;
· Opening the first reeling offline shirring plant in Canada; and
· Developing the first casing for beefsticks.

In addition during its 40-year history, the company has developed and marketed three well-know brands of sausage casing:

· Superfry PlusTM; the first successful casing for deep fat frying;

Most recently, the company achieved another first: ISO 9001.200 certification for its Somerville plant.

The company “firsts” are just part of the commitment of all Nitta Casings employees to quality – and to helping customers improve the products they offer.

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