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 PM95250300BG SHRINK BAG 250 X 300 CLEAR 95MU 1000/BOX
 PM95250400BG SHRINK BAG 250 X 400 CLEAR 95MU 1000/BOX
 PM95300400BG SHRINK BAG 300 X 400 CLEAR 95MU 800/BOX
 PM95350450BG SHRINK BAG 350 X 450 CLEAR 95MU 500/BOX
 PM95350550BG SHRINK BAG 350 X 550 CLEAR 95MU 500/BOX
 PM95400500BG SHRINK BAG 400 X 500 CLEAR 95MU 500/BOX
 PM95400600BG SHRINK BAG 400 X 600 CLEAR 95MU 400/BOX
 PM95400750BG SHRINK BAG 400 X 750 CLEAR 95MU 300/BOX
 PM95430650BG SHRINK BAG 430 X 650 CLEAR 95MU 300/BOX

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